Lancaster and Central Ohio Popular Frequencies

Repeater / Simplex Frequencies

Name Details
Lancaster Main analog 147.030+ mhz CTCSS 71.9 hz
Lancaster Secondary & ARES 146.700- mhz CTCSS 94.8 hz
Lancaster UHF/6 meter analog 443.875+ & 53.09- mhz CTCSS 71.9 hz
Lancaster Simplex (primary) 147.555 mhz simplex no CTCSS
Lancaster Simplex (Standard simplex) 146.520 mhz simplex no CTCSS
Lancaster System Fusion C4FM RX frequency is 443.300
TX frequency is 448.300
Lancaster GMRS RX frequency is 462.700 ctcss is 77 hz
TX frequency is 467.700 ctcss is 77hz
Must apply for and receive GMRS License contact trustee
Athens Area 145.150 mhz- no CTCSS
Lithopolis 145.210- mhz CTCSS 71.9 hz
Franklin County 145.110- mhz no CTCSS
Franklin County, Grove City 145.230- mhz no CTCSS
Franklin County 145.430- mhz CTCSS 123hz
Franklin County W8ZPF 146.670- mhz CTCSS 131.8hz
Franklin County CORC (weather net) 146.760- mhz CTCSS 123hz
Franklin County, Reynoldsburg 146.910- mhz CTCSS 71.9hz
Franklin County W8RRJ 146.970- mhz CTCSS 123hz
Franklin County ARES 147.060+ mhz CTCSS 94.8hz
Franklin County ARES 147.090+ mhz CTCSS 94.8hz
Franklin County 147.210+ mhz no CTCSS
Franklin County CCRA 147.240+ mhz CTCSS 179.9hz
Franklin County CORC (IRLP Node 8094) 147.330+ mhz CTCSS 123hz
Madison County 147.285+ mhz no CTCSS
Hocking County Logan 147.345+ mhz CTCSS 114.8hz
Licking County Newark 146.880- mhz CTCSS 141.3hz
Licking County Amsterdam 146.835- mhz CTCSS 91.5hz
Muskingum Co. Philo 146.610- mhz CTCSS 74.4hz
Muskingum Co. Zanesville 147.075+ mhz CTCSS 91.5hz
Perry County New Lexington 146.820- mhz CTCSS 100hz
Pickaway County Circleville 147.180+ mhz CTCSS 74.4hz
Ross County Chillicothe 146.850- mhz CTCSS 74.4hz
Ross County Chillicothe 146.925- mhz CTCSS 74.4hz
International Space Station 145.800 mhz no CTCSS simplex

UHF Frequencies

Name Details
Lancaster 443.875mhz+ CTCSS 71.9hz
Thurston 444.650mhz+ CTCSS 179.9hz
Franklin Co. WX net 444.200mhz+ CTCSS 151.4hz
Franklin Co. ARES 444.275mhz+ CTCSS 94.8hz
Franklin Co W8YOJ 444.300mhz+ no CTCSS
Hocking Co, Logan 443.125mhz+ no CTCSS
Licking Co. 443.925mhz+ CTCSS 91.5hz
Pickaway 442.700mhz+ no CTCSS
Muskingum Co. 442.175mhz+ CTCSS 91.5hz
Fairfield, Stoutsville 443.0625mhz CTCSS 71.9h

6 Meter Frequencies

Name Details
Lancaster 53.09 out - 52.09 in, CTCSS 71.9hz
Columbus 52.70 out - 52.94 in, CTCSS 123hz
Ross Co. Chillicothe 53.23 out - 52.23 in, no CTCSS
Vinton Co. Zaleski 53.27 out - 52.27 in, no CTCSS
Summit Co. Akron 53.17 out - 52.17 in, CTCSS 110.9hz
Jackson Co. Ray 53.81 out - 52.81 in, no CTCSS
Greene, Beavercreek 53.73 out - 52.73 in, no CTCSS
Marietta 53.17 out - 52.17 in, CTCSS 141.3hz

System Fusion (C4FM) Repeaters

(58 statewide as of 5/2016)

(See for updates)

Name Details
Lancaster 146.700- CTCSS 94.8hz
Delaware Co. 145.190- no CTCSS
Zanesville 145.410- no CTCSS
Chillicothe 146.850- CTCSS 74.4hz
Jackson 146.895- CTCSS 167.9hz
Bellefontaine Hill 147.000+CTCSS 100hz
Columbus 147.150+ CTCSS 82.5hz
Roseville 442.175+ CTCSS 91.5hz
Thornville 442.450+ no CTCSS
Bellefontaine Hill 443.825+ CTCSS 186.2hz