APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System)

The club's APRS (Automatic Positon Reporting System) station is a TNC-2 connected to a VHF radio on the national APRS simplex channel of 144.39 MHz. Equipped within the TNC is the Unidigiā„¢ software that permits any station to repeat and report the location of stations to all other stations on the frequency. The Digi node also send the infomation to the Central Ohio "I" Gate which is then sent onto the Internet which in turn shows the stations on a real-time map at the web location http://www.findu.com

The links below better describe the nuts and bolts of the national APRS network and how the ISS (International Space Station) is involved. Basically any mobile equipped with a GPS, radio on 144.39 MHz, and a TNC can be tracked anywhere in the U.S. and several places abroad.

As with other facets of amateur radio, APRS offers another opportunity to learn about our hobby. Follow the links below for more information.