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Here you'll find informational links to our Club Repeaters, Emergency Communications, Nets, APRS, EchoLink, and Packet Radio.


Club Repeaters   Operating Practices Information   National Traffic System (NTS)
Repeater History IARU Guide Info
Equipment Photos       Forms
Repeater Technical Specs           - ARRL Radiogram
APRS   EchoLink   Packet Radio
APRS Info How to Connect K8QIK Packet Frequencies
APRS Software   Net Software   Packet Info/Software Links
Google Maps APRS          
Radio Frequencies   Club Field Days   Nets
Central Ohio Frequencies Field Day 2010   Daily/Weekly Nets
    Field Day 2009   Monday Net Script (New)
          Net Log Sheet
Wires-X System    
Wires-X System            
The Ohio Link Network          
Ohio Link YSF Facebook Group            




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