U-Build-It Projects

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This page includes links about various construction projects for power supplies, antennas, feed lines, radios, CS, QRP, SSB, and many other ham-related items of interest.

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U-Build-It Projects      

6 Meter Sloop Antenna
by Perry Ogletree, K4PWO

The Moxon Satellite Antenna
by L.B. Cebik, W4RNL


2 Meter J-Pole Antenna
by K. Kinsner, VE4WK

  Salt Water Dummy Load
by M.D. Brueggmann, K5LXP
Station Grounding
by Ernest M Duckworth, Jr., P.E.
  Repeater Time-out Timer
by J. Hewes, UK
Lattin 5-Band Antenna
designed by W4JRW
  Kits and Soldering
by Soldering By The Numbers
2 Meter Yagi Antenna
by Ron Hege, K3PF
  Handy Reference info – Repair/Builders
by Al Klase
Crystal Radio, Foxhole Radio Kits
Borden Radio Company
  Speedy Component Replacement
a neat tool
The Mic Holder Project
by Robert Northrup, KC8PSW



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