History of the 443.875 Repeater

By: John Hilliard, W8OF

Revised 11/2007

The club UHF repeater 443.875 MHz was placed on the air in 1993. A combination of used General Electric mobiles were used. The repeater was upgraded in September 1999 by a generous donation of a used Motorola base station repeater. In 2006 the UHF repeater was replaced with newer GE equipment and is now interconnected into the “Central and Southeast Ohio Linked Repeater System”. A new high gain antenna was placed at the 140' level on the county tower located at water works hill. The ground elevation is 1100' above sea level and provides all of Fairfield and surrounding counties very good coverage. The repeater can be used on a 24/7 basis.


RF power output 45 watts continuous duty
Controller CAT-500 (1992)
Antenna Diamond 11db gain base vertical
Equipment General Electric Exec repeater station
Repeater coverage. Approximately 40 miles
Average "in use" time per day 15 Minutes
Site equipped with emergency automatic generator power

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