History of the 146.700 Repeater

By: John Hilliard, W8OF

Revised 11/2007

The 146.700 repeater was first placed "on-the-air" in 1978 by a local Amateur operator and then was sold to another who eventually donated the frequencies and some equipment to the club. In 1990, the transmitter and receiver were upgraded to Motorola Micor type equipment. In 1997, the old RC-850 ACC controller was removed from the 147.030 repeater and placed onto the 146.700 repeater. During the fall of 2007 the repeater was repackaged into a rack cabinet and permanently mounted next to the fire station. The 146.700 offers great local coverage and is used during local club events and community affairs. The repeater is located in the downtown Lancaster area on a 200' tower that is 920' above sea level. This is a great repeater to use when the 147.030 is busy or during special operation events


RF power output 35 watts continuous duty (Motorola Micor "1977")
Receiver Motorola Micor w/pre-amp (1977)
Controller ACC RC-850 (1984)
Duplexers Wacom 4 cavity 90db pass/reject type (1984,1997)
Receiver & Transmitter Antenna Motorola Station Master 6 db gain, 165' on the tower
Repeater coverage. Approximately 30 miles
Average "in use" time per day 15 Minutes
Site equipped with emergency automatic generator power

This repeater is open for use by any licensed operator any time of day or night. There are no time limitations for conversations, however, please don't tie it up all day. The club has enjoyed almost 30 years of continuous operation!

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