Club Repeater Bldg. WW HillThis is the Club Repeater Building on Water Works Hill Photopage.

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The following photos (John W8OF) show some of the buidling improvements that were completed in 09/10. We are finished making improvements to the radio building given to us at Water Works Hill. We have no plans to add anymore equipment and as discussed, we will be replacing a UHF repeater later this fall. For the repeater building, we used the best white paint we could find. All four sides were painted and caulked. The security light was also repaired and a bottom baseboard was added to keep the panels from rotting out. The cooling ventilating fan motor was replaced. Inside the building's west wall, a new bench was added. All cables going to the old pole tower were removed and the tower can now be removed safely. We should only need access at this point when or if we need to make equipment repairs or if something malfunctions. The Radio Club has spent hundreds of dollars, if you include labor, to renovate this old building.

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Newly painted, security light fixed Cooling fan motor replaced Old cables/tower removed New paint and caulk
Newly painted New fan motor Tower ok to remove New paint/caulk
Inside north wall Inside west wall
Inside north wall Bench added    

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